Price List

Prices are subject to change, please ask for a quotation when booking.

A £10 Cancellation charge will apply for any missed or cancelled appointments.

CND Shellac Treatment

Including nail preparation: full cuticle care, nail shaping, CND Shellac Application and after care advice.


£26 Fingers

£28 Toes

£50 Both

Removal of my CND Shellac

Removal with reapplication is included with any CND Shellac service. Removal only and CND Solar Oil.


£11 Fingers

£13 Toes

£16 Both

Removal of Other Gel /Shellac

I use CND Shellac and have all of the removal products for the CND system. Each gel nail system is different and has slightly different chemicals for removal, and this can mean that the process takes longer so removal of other technicians work is charged per 15 minutes.


£6 per 15 mins 

Mini Manicure

Including nail preparation: full cuticle care, nails shaped and polished with CND™ Creative Play.  


£16 Fingers

£18 Toes

£29 Both

NAIL ART - Hand Painting

Bespoke nail art hand painted in CND Shellac. The only limit is your imagination!.


From £2 per nail 

NAIL ART - Stamping

Bespoke nail art to your specification using Stamping


£1.50 per Nail

£9.00 full set.

NAIL ART - Stamping with chrome, glitter or foil

Bespoke nail art to your specification using stamping with either Chrome, Glitter or foils.


£2.00 per Nail

£11.00 full set.

NAIL ART - Glitter, Chrome or Foil

Bespoke nail art using Lecente glitter, chromeor foil


£1.50 per nail

£6.00 full set

Nail Rescue Treatment

(Natural Nail Clinic)

CND RescueRXx is designed to dramatically reduce cracking, peeling, splitting nails and white spots. Restore your nails back to beautiful with a weekly natural nail service that repairs damaged nails with the power of keratin protein and conditioning jojoba oil. Your first treatment includes a 15ml bottle of RescueRXx to be used at home twice a day (RRP £19.95):


Week 1                                                £36 

(including your bottle of RescueRXx)           


Weeks 2 -4                                          £16


CND Spa Manicure

.Luxuriant, revitalising and soothing our customisable Spa Manicure will exfoliate, refine and moisturise hands, stimulate your senses and leave you feeling relaxed. Add CND™ Shellac for an extra £15, or enjoy as a standalone indulgent treat where your natural nails will be buffed to a healthy shine – Perfect for Gentlemen.


Aromatics - Cuticle care, nail shaping, Soak, Lotion and Massage.

Approx 20 minutes                             £16


Radiance - Cuticle care, nail shaping, Soak, Scrub, Lotion and Massage.

Approx 30 minutes                             £21


Rejuvenation - Cuticle care, nail 

shaping, Soak, Scrub, Mask, Lotion  

and Massage.

Approx 40 minutes                             £26

CND Nail Essentials

Taking care of your hands and nails after your treatments is really important, did you know daily use for CND's Solar Oil will inclrease the durability of both Shelland and Acrylics?


CND offer several products from nail files to Vinylux Polish (in shades to match your Shellac,) for you to use at home.


I'm happy to add any of these to my monthly order for you.

IBX Nail Repair and Strengthen Treatment

This innovative two-part system offers revolutionary benefits:
Under Gel Polish – IBX creates a protective shield for the nail and reduces white spots that tend to occur with the use of Gel Polish.
As a Natural Nail Growth Treatment - IBX Repair is used to repair severe nail damage to set the stage for growth, while IBX Strengthen penetrates the upper layers of the nail plate, bonds to itself adding strength and flexibility, allowing nail growth and with multiple treatments fills up deep grooves resulting in a smoother nail plate, natural nail colour and appearance can also be improved.

IBX Repair and Strengthen Treatment    £5

IBX BOOST Base & IBX BOOST Treatment

Perfection over the top! IBX boost is a flexible and strong over the top universal nail coating, it is a perfect complement to the IBX System. 
IBX BOOST will smooth, strengthen, protect and act as a buffer layer under other services. The IBX
BOOST System can be used as a natural nail overlay for strength and protection, a protective coating under other services such as Gel Polish, and it extends Gel Polish wear up to three weeks.

IBX BOOST Base & BOOST Treatment  £5

Gentlemen’s manicures 

Enjoy a refreshing soak, scrub, followed by nail shaping and application of nail oil.


A relaxing treatment using the fabulous Dadi Oil range, leaves your hands and nails in great condition.


Excellent for the groom to be - no need to be embarrassed by dirty nails in those wedding ring photos! 

Toe Nail Clipping

A refreshing foot soak and mask, cuticles pushed back and nails clipped and filed. Allow me to take care of your toenails for you, there’s no need to stretch and strain to reach them yourself!


Without polish £15

With polish £20 (Creative Play or Vinylux)

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